How to create your successful Amazon store for FREE – A Step-by-Step Guide

If you always wanted to create an online store, but you were afraid of the costs this business will generate, then you need to know that Amazon provides all the support you need to get started right away. To put this straight, Amazon gives anyone the chance to start a shop online with absolutely no costs. Thus, you can finally start the online business you always wanted for free. Just read this guide and learn how to create and setup your successful Amazon store, so that you’ll start selling in no time.

Step 1: Create a seller account on Amazon’s Affiliate Program

You cannot start selling on Amazon if you don’t become one of their trusted associates. This will allow you to associate your store, which will be created with the help of WordPress, to Amazon, so that it will gain more credibility and will attract clients faster than a regular online store. Amazon encourages beginners in this domain to take advantage of the market’s place extensive experience in this field, to enjoy a smoother and more successful start. Thus, the first thing to do is sign up for Amazon’s Affiliate Program, so you will be able to advertise your products on Amazon. Fill in the available application with the requested information and submit it. Now, you’ll need to have a bit of patience until Amazon will approve your newly created profile. But, until then, you can continue with setting up your store.

Step 2: Download and install WordPress
The easiest way to create an online store is by using WordPress. WordPress is an extremely easy to use platform that is free of any charges. It is said that if you know how to use Microsoft Word then you will definitely learn how to use WordPress in no time. When it comes to installing WordPress, the easiest way to go is to choose a hosting service that has WordPress pre-installed. This means that when opting for such a hosting service, you will be able to start working on your WordPress page without going through any installation processes. Such a service will come for several bucks a month and will allow you to create one website, in this case, an online store. So, by simply cutting back on your Starbucks coffee you’ll get a hosting service and ready-to-use WordPress page.

Step 3: Downloading and installing a theme for your new store
One of the best parts of using WordPress is that there is a wide range of themes you can choose from, and they are all for free. There are also paid themes, as well as custom-created themes if you want, but for now, to keep costs low, a free theme will do just fine. To find one, you will need to open the Dashboard of your WordPress admin page and go to Appearance, which is located in the menu on the left side of the page, and opt for Themes. Then the Themes page will appear and you will have to click on the Add New button.
Then an entire list of free themes will appear and you can just browse for the right one or use the Feature Filter in order to narrow down the list of themes. Did you find a theme you like? Then position the mouse on the top part of the desired theme. This should make the buttons Install, Preview, and Details & Preview buttons appear. If you are determined to install that theme, then just go ahead and click on the Install button. This will make WordPress to start installing the theme, showing you a message when the installation completed successfully. At this point, you will also see several blue buttons, such as Live Preview, Activate, and Return to Theme Installer at the bottom of the message. Click on Activate to make WordPress use the selected and installed theme.

Step 4: Installing the plugin that will allow you add products to your store
Plugins are the extensions added to a WordPress site that will bring in the features you need according to your activity domain. So, if you have a store, you will need plugins that will allow you to add products to your store. WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress that will handle such a task, but you will need to install it in order to make it work. Again, go to the Dashboard of your admin page on WordPress, and open your Plugins section and, once it opens, click on the Add New button. You will notice a search field like you find on most websites, where you will have to type down “WooCommerce” and start the search for this plugin. Once this plugin is found, you will also see the Install Now button right next to it. Click on it and let WordPress do its job. Installing a plugin on WordPress is as easy as installing a new app on your mobile device. Don’t forget to click on the Activate Plugin button once you receive the message that the installation was successful, just like you did in the case of the theme.

Step 5: Add products to your store
Once WooCommerce is installed, the plugin will require you to provide some information about your store. So, fill in the requested information in order to continue, by going through all the steps of this process. It will be an automatic process so you’ll move on to the next step once you manage to complete the information for the existing step. At the final step, you should see a Create A Product button. Click on it and you will immediately see the Add New Product button. This will redirect you to a part where you will have to introduce details about your product. So, set up the price and take care of the other details. Don’t forget to add a high-quality photo that presents the product as it is and add an image gallery to it as well, so that your clients can see the product in various ways. Finally, write a description of the product, trying to be as detailed as possible. When all the details are covered, just click on the Publish button and post the first product in your store.